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Filmmakers for Tomorrow Foundation (FFTF) is a Washington, DC based (501c3) non-profit organization that provides young aspiring filmmakers with educational and financial resources.  FFTF's mission is to encourage and support diverse artistic and cinematic expression of American life among young filmmakers.  Through our grant program and youth-oriented projects, FFTF is developing the next generation of local filmmakers ages 16-25.  FFTF also seeks to establish a network of artists, professionals, and educators as mentors to young filmmakers to help sharpen their artistic talents.

FFTF is committed to providing local public high school, college and university film students with access to funding, equipment, education, and training.  FFTF also develops and supports youth-led film projects that reflect America's diversity and that of the Washington, DC metro community.


Are you a student who is passionate about filmmaking? Then we want you to be a part of our Summer Film Program.  FFTF is seeking aspiring filmmakers (ages 16-25) who are interested in sharpening their skills as film directors, cinematographers, editors, gaffers, grips, boom operators, sound designers, screenwriters, and production assistants to join us next summer.

From early July to the middle of August, our interns will participate in a 5-week film program focused on storytelling through film and media. Our interns will gain hands-on experience producing film and media projects while participating in screenwriting, video production, and editing workshops. By the end of the program, our interns will produce a film and media project working with a team of FFTF producers, mentors, actors and volunteers.

We will announce when applications open for next year's summer program. 


Last summer our FFTF interns participated in a 6-week film and media program aimed at raising awareness about teen depression and suicide prevention. Our "Little Light" music and campaign video tells the emotional stories of two local families who lost their teens to suicide. Through this project, our aspiring filmmakers helped to share their transformational journeys, which we hope will give hope and healing to other families in crisis.

FFTF's aspiring filmmakers Yuxi, Brandon, Ryien, Greg, Judith, and Ricco (pictured below) were among the talented team of young artists who participated.  The music and campaign video will be submitted to film festivals to increase awareness of teen depression and suicide prevention and to bring recognition to the young filmmakers who contributed to creating this powerful project.

For national and local teen suicide prevention resources, please visit: and

The Little Light music and campaign video features Linda Diaz, Founder & CEO of the 501c3 non profit Lauryn's Law.  Linda shared the tragic story of her daughter Lauryn's battle with depression and ultimate death by suicide with FFTF's aspiring filmmakers. Through her non profit, Linda now advocates and provides support to youth suffering from mental illness.  

Prior to the video's release, we are sharing a "Little Light" video clip. The song was written and performed by "Mister Steve" and was made available for our use during FFTF's 2017 Summer Film Program.


FFTF brought together young aspiring filmmakers from the Washington, DC area to participate in our Documentary Film Project entitled "I Am Me." Sophie Sither and Ricco Williams pictured below are the film's Co-Directors. The film features four young people- Jamal, McKenzie, DJ, and April who are overcoming physical and learning disabilities and inspiring those around them. 

The idea for our Documentary Film Project came from Sherri and Eric Wells (see picture below) who are the proud parents of Jamal and FFTF volunteers. After years of struggling to get the support their son needed in school, Sherri and Eric are passionate about raising awareness of the challenges faced by young people with disabilities. 

We launched a 30-day social media campaign on Kickstarter to help raise awareness about the film and to secure the funding needed to complete post-production.  We believe the stories shared by these four brave youth can serve as encouragement to other youth and bring hope to all who are facing similar struggles. 


FFTF filmed our first music video entitled "Outrage." Outrage tells the story of a family that unites to stand up to injustice.  The message of the video is one of peace and hope. The video was shot over a 2-day period at various locations in the area, including Baltimore, MD. Aspiring Filmmakers had the opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by an experienced team of filmmakers and artists. 

We invite you to enjoy a clip from our "Outrage" music video below.  See photos, music, and a video clip from our documentary film "The Making of Outrage" by visiting our 
Outrage Music Video page. (Click on link or click play below).

"Outrage" was submitted to film festivals to bring recognition to our aspiring filmmakers, actors, and artists.  Our documentary film "The Making of Outrage" and music video were selected for the BronzeLens Film Festival and the Rosebud Film Festival.  Outrage was screened at the BronzeLens Film Festival in Atlanta, GA on Friday, August 26, 2016. Congrats to our FFTF volunteers!!! 

"The Making of Outrage" is a BronzeLens Film Festival 2016 Official Selection.

Help us to develop the next generation of local filmmakers ages 16-25.

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